Our Goal Is To Build Safe, United Communities

We aim to bring neighbors together to form a united, safe community. We use technology to quickly strengthen neighborhoods.

Our Mission

Band of Neighbors is community empowerment through "strength and safety in numbers." Our solution will give neighborhoods of all types the ability to instantly respond collectively to difficult circumstances, our ultimate goal is to prevent problems before they occur.

Our Difference

In emergency situations it may be necessary to alert a large group of people immediately with vital information. A Band of Neighbors network provides everyone in a group (no matter the size) the ability to alert their network instantly and with just one call.

Our Reach

Our Band of Neighbors system is Web based. Communities across the United States have the ability to sign up any network via our website. Emergency networks can have their Band of Neighbors alert line up and running the same day.

Our Model

Members can belong to as many networks as they want. Networks can consist of neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, church groups, merchant associations, etc. Anywhere there is a need to notify a lot of people effectively and quickly, Band of Neighbors is there.


Band of Neighbors LLC works closely with the Band of Neighbors Foundation 501(c)(3). Together, we are able to provide a much needed service to communities that are economically challenged. Often, it is these communities that need the service the most. Please consider sponsoring a phone through the Foundation (tax deductible) as a gift to a community in need.