How it works

  1. Call the toll-free Alert Line
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN
  3. Record a message
  4. Hang up

Your message will be sent to everyone on your network immediately.

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Faster and more effecient than the phone tree. Hundreds of people can be notified with the same message in seconds.

Our networks are always up to date. Each message is time stamped, identified by caller and stored so messages can be reviewed.


"Vital for neighborhood safety"

quation-markI am a big fan and believer that this service is vital for neighborhood safety.

quation-markI firmly believe in Band Of Neighbors and the potential it has to change entire communities and cities.

Dina Hilliard
Associate District Manager, North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit Corporation, San Francisco

"I wish that we would have had this"

quation-mark"What I like about the Band of Neighbors system is that its first goal is to prevent crime. The second goal is to build community to shut crime down quickly.

quation-markI wish that we would have had this in my precinct back when I was a watch commander. This will be a valuable tool for communication between business districts and their police departments.

Gary Brennan
Retired Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Department