Band of Neighbors Foundation   501 (c) (3)


Our Mission

"Neighbors Empowering Neighborhoods"

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing people together to build stronger communities. Our human and technological solutions work to build trust, communication, and safety in neighborhoods of all types.

The Service

We replace the phone tree with one call. Any network member can call our toll free phone number and record a voice message. The Band of Neighbors system immediately and simultaneously sends the voice message to all phones in the network. Every member of a network is issued a 4 digit PIN that keeps the system safe and secure. A network can be any size. Networks can be any group that needs to relay important information in a timely manner.


The Band of Neighbors Foundation aims to partner with other non-profits as well as private and public entities that address crime, neighborhood decay, and related problems facing these neighborhoods. As such, funding and support may come from these partnership agencies. Also, the Band of Neighbors Foundation will strive to receive funding from private contributions, grants, and government appropriations.

For more information, please contact us.