Timely, relevant information

Alerts are sent out immediately, so you can be sure that your message is getting where it needs to be without the usual delay of other kinds of notification systems.

Receive alerts anyway you like

Have the alerts send to a phone number of your choosing. If you can't pick up the phone, we'll leave you a voicemail.

Turn on email notifications to have the message sent to your inbox, and SMS alerts to have a text message sent to your phone that lets you know a message is waiting for you.


The system works with any type of phone; cell phone, land line, or voip. There's no extra equipment to buy, all you need is a subscription.

The information for the members on your network is easy to keep up to date which is especially important for groups that meet or are geographically close together.

For more information call us at 1-877-315-BAND.

Neighborhood Watch Icon

Neighborhood Watch

Keep your children and your neighborhood safe by preventing criminal activity.

The most effective way to reduce neighborhood crime is for neighbors to communicate, and work together toward the goal of making their neighborhood safer. A Band of Neighbors alert network is a perfect fit.

Biz Watch

Biz Watch

Notify your neighbors of counterfiet bills, stolen merchandise, or known theives in the area. Notifiy the other businesses of lost purses, children, and lockdown situations. Put more eyes and ears on the street for everyone's safety.

Schools and Univeristies

Schools & Universities

School staff and administrators are the front line of defense on campuses across the nation. With a Band of Neighbors alert network, you can give your employees the ability to communicate effectively so that the first crucial moments of an emergency are handled with professionalism.

Fairs, Carnivals and other large venues

Fairs & Large Venues

Keep your event safe by creating a newtork of people on the lookout for lost children, missing valuables, suspicious activity and more. Have your vendors join in with your hired security to create a web of protection.

Neighborhoods, Complexes, Associations

Apartments & Home Associations

Gated communities and apartment buildings are often targets for petty crimes. Band together with your neighbors without having to attend awkward BBQs and monthly meetings. Get the information you need immediately.

Homeland Security and Evacuations

Homeland Securuity & Evacuations

When severe weather, brush fires, flash floods or civil emergencies threaten your area, you need to reach citizens, businesses, and emergency personnel immediately. Do all that and more with one call, right now.